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Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru I Can Tell for LizEvans
   Today was your first day at Ouran High School, your dad was wealthy but not like you'd ever let anyone know. You had gone to public schools very year before this one, why was this one different? You made a deal with a father, if you went to his choice of school you could choose your husband instead of having an arranged marriage. What girl wants an arranged marriage? Class were proving to be a bit hard, you weren't really the smartest girl, which annoyed you. You had made a few friends to be not socially awkward but they started talking about something called; The Host Club? You ignored it; you didn't really want to be involved in any clubs. The day was coming to an end then you bumped into a boy dropping your books.
   "Sorry about that, I didn't watch where I was going." You said politely.
   "Nah it's okay I shouldn't make such a pretty girl drop her books." He gave you a sly smirk which made you giggle. He had an odd tan color for his eyes and he was a redhead, hair parted to the left.
   "I'm new here, I'm ____. What's your name?" You guys stood up and he handed you your books.
   "How about you have lunch with me and my brother tomorrow and I'll tell you then?"
   "Okay, where do you sit?" You smiled, you never thought you'd meet such a sweet and cool looking guy here. He gave you the information and you headed home and tried to work on your homework. You ended up not doing most of it and asked your maid to find you some tutors for the classes that you were having issues with understanding.
~~Time Skip! Brought to you by the Never Ending Game: Monopoly!~~
   Lunch time rolled around and you sat the table the redhead had told you about. Then a boy sat down, he looked almost exactly like the guy you met the other day. His hair was parted to the right though.
   "Um hello, do you know a boy that looks exactly like you?"
   "What are you talking about? It's me from yesterday." He said softly with a sweet smile.
   "No. The guy I met yesterday parted his hair to the left. His smirk was sly and his voice was different. Please do not play games with me, I do not like them." You rambled with a confused look. The guy in front of you sat there baffled by what you said. So you leaned forward and waved a hand in front of his face. "Hello? Are you okay?"
He shook his head, "You are really special aren't you?"
   "Not really. I'm here because my father and I made a deal."
   "Hikaru, you can come out now." The guy you met yesterday stepped out and had the same baffled look on his face as the other boy.
   "How could you let us apart?" The boy you assumed to be Hikaru now asked you.
   "When I meet someone I notice a lot. I'm very good with details; I know who I met yesterday and this young man in front of me."
   "My name is Kaoru by the way." Once again he gave a sweet smile.
   "I'm Hikaru if you didn't hear earlier." He gave his sly smirk.
   "Well then, Hikaru and Kaoru it's nice to meet you. I hope we can hang out sometime."
   "How about hanging out tonight, after school?" They said in unison.
   "Mind if we play a game though?" Once again in sync, you replied in nod. "If you can tell us apart later tonight then we will give you a surprise."
   "What will the surprise be?"
   "Well it wouldn't be a surprise if we told you now would it?" Kaoru laughed.
   "Fine then where are we going?" They shrugged. "If you guys don't mind commoner stuff, there's a small firework fair tonight. We could go to that." You gave them a shy smile.
   "We love commoner coffee. A person in our club is a commoner and he talks about that stuff all that time."
   "Then I will meet you there tonight at the entrance." You got up, leaving.
~~Another Le Time Skip! Brought to you by cute fat cats!~~
   Dressed in your cutest kimono you waited outside of the fair. You wanted to go in so badly and the boys where late. Then you felt a tap on your shoulder you saw two masked boys.
   "Hikaru? Kaoru?" You asked cautiously.
   "Yes." They chimed in sync.
   "Why are you wearing those masks?"
   "You're supposed to tell us apart remember? This way our smiles don't give us away. You have until the end of the night to guess and you only get on guess." It was as if they rehearsed this whole thing.
   "Fine. I'll still win in the end."
   You guys played games and talked and joked around. Hikaru, the pink mask; played jokes on random people, nothing to hurt them just to confuse them. Kaoru, the blue mask; stay close to you most of the time which you thought was very cute. The fireworks were going to start soon so you grabbed both of their hands and ran with them to a good spot. The fireworks were amazing but ended shortly after they started. It was just a small fair nothing great was to be expected.
   "How did you guys like it?"
   "It was great!" They answered.
   "Oh yeah, my guessing time," you giggled. "You guys swapped masked in the middle of the fair, you guys are really sneaky you know that? But Hikaru is in the blue mask and Kaoru is in the pink mask." You said confidently.
   They took off their masks, "How did you know without even seeing our faces?" Kaoru was stumped and so was Hikaru.
   "I can tell. I don't know how, I can just tell the difference between the two of you easily. Now what's my surprise?"
   They smiled slyly then they both kissed your cheeks at the same time. Your face burned bright red and you squeaked. Then they hugged you from each side. "Thank you ___." They whispered softly.
Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru I Can Tell for LizEvans
These cute twins are from Ouran High School Host Club
The picture is not mine got it from here: [link]
I hope you like ^~^
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