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November 4, 2012
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Hong Kong x Reader Taking Notes:  for animechick7
   It was your first day of high school and you had just moved in town. The only people you knew were your neighbors but they were confusing twins name Alfred and Matthew. They looked alike but were very opposite and Alfred was very noisy, so you liked Matthew better. You struggled to balance all the books and papers in your hands as you tried to read the map of the school to find your class. You didn't really show much emotion to anyone unless you knew them. So your blank stare at your papers just made you seem very bored instead of the nervous mess you truly were. Then someone bumped you, knocking everything onto the floor including your butt.
   "Watch where you're going newbie!" A football player in his uniform you assumed to be a senior. Then he saw your face and turned on his heel. "You know I can forgive you though, if give me a kiss." He was honestly trying to flirt with a girl he just knocked onto the floor.
You fixed yourself into a sitting position then started blankly at him.
   "No thank you. I don't really care if you forgive me or not. I can manage on my own." Your voice was level and your stare seemed to chill him a bit since he didn't reply right away.
   "I like a girl who speaks her mind." This guy was not going to give up and it was starting to annoy you.
   "How about you shut up and leave me alone so I can figure out this schools layout?"
   "How about you let me show you around?"
   "How about no, dude?" This was a new voice; it was Alfred with a shy Matthew behind him.
   "Oh hey there Alfred, I was just trying to be nice to this newbie and she's being total stuck up."
   "She's my neighbor so just leave her alone, dude." Matthew knelt down by you and started helping you pick up your things.
   "I saw what was happening but I knew my brother could get him to stop better than I could." Matthew said in his quiet voice.
   "How did you figure that out?"
   "Alfred is the quarterback and the entire football team looks up to him. So most of them listen to everything he says."
   "I am glad I know you guys then. I won't have to worry about too many seniors bugging me."
   "I'm glad I know you too, ____. You're one of the few people who notice me."
   "Then I can sit with you at lunch?" You raised an eyebrow slightly.
   "Sure thing. Here let me help you get to your first class." He grabbed your schedule off the floor and looked at your first class. "You were actually almost there." He pointed to the door a few lockers away.
   "I was actually looking for my locker so I could dump most of this stuff off."
   "Let's see." Matthew was scanning the paper and Alfred patted his back.
   "Just tell me if she needs anymore help. I promised mom I'd watch after both of you. I'm heading off to class."
   Matthew nodded knowing his brother had already left. Then he stood up with half of your stuff and helped you up. "Your locker should just be this way. You also might be able to meet your locker partner."
   "I didn't even know I would have one."
   "Some people do and some people don't." You both walked to your locker without another word. Matthew stopped in front of your locker and opened it for you helping you put your stuff in the bottom cubby. Since you were just a few inches shorter than average height you figured you'd be shorter than your locker mate.
"I believe that is my locker." A monotone voice claimed by a brown shaggy haired boy.
"Let me see your schedule." Matthew said quietly and the shaggy haired boy handed over the paper. "It is true that this is your locker but you share it with her." The Canadian stepped out of the way so the boy could see you better. "Say hello ____ this is," he paused and looked at the paper, "Leon?" He said questioningly. Leon nodded then quickly moved his oversized sleeve to cover the bottom half of his face. "Oh hey you both have biology together with Mr. Kirkland. Oh I know him but I call him Arthur." Matthew meekly said then the bell rang. "___, can you take Leon with you to first period?" You nodded. "Okay well I will see you at lunch if you get lost just call me." With that he handed Leon his schedule and walked away.
   "Hi I am ____." Leon didn't reply so you just continued. "Just follow me to class." You turned on your heel and didn't even bother to check to see if he was following you or not. It sort of bugged you he won't talk to you even when you directly talked to him. The only reason you were being bugged by it is because you thought he was cute. He was about four inches taller than you, shaggy hair, light brown eyes and he was wearing a huge burgundy duangua with black trim. You liked guys in red or black for some odd reason. You dismissed all those thoughts once you entered the classroom. There seemed to be no seating chart so you sat down at one of the lab tables in the middle aisle over to the right.
  Leon sat next to you, putting down his stuff then folding his arms on the desk and laying his head on top of his arms. Then the late bell rang and people rushed in. His heart was pounding still just from seeing your face. You were very pretty to him and there was no doubt within his mind that he thought such things. His blood had rushed to his cheeks and didn't want anyone to see him blush. So he closed his eyes and tried to relax. Images of your face with your (e/c) eyes and (h/l) (h/c) hair bobbed and popped within his mind. He groaned to himself slightly then he felt a hand on his shoulder and slightly peeped over his arm to see you.
   "Good morning class. Say hello to the person sitting next to you and become good friends. Starting today they will be your lab partner for the rest of the semester. If you have any issues hold them until the end of class and speak to me personally. Now to go over the things you will be learning today and a rundown of the things you'll need for class."
   "Are you feeling okay? If your throat or stomach hurts I have something for either of them." You whispered as Mr. Kirkland continued to talk, your voice had concern but your face was a bit blank.
   "I'm fine." Leon grumbled then buried his face into his arms again. He heard some tussling then heard things being placed in front of him. He looked up again and his stupid blood rushed to his cheek again. There were three cough drops and a small bottle of Tums with a little note. Leon reached forward and opened it.
   "Leon, I guess you don't really want to talk to me. I don't believe your fine so take something for it. I have a pharmacy in my bag most the time. So please just do something about your sickness, ___." That's all the small note said and it made him groan again.
   'Great now the girl I think is cute is trying to be nice to me and she thinks I am giving her the cold shoulder.' Leon thought to himself then pulled out a pen and wrote back onto the note from you. Then he folded it the way you had and pushed it over to you along with the things you put in front of him.
   You looked at him confused for a second then opened the note. "___, I am fine. I really am. I have a lot on my mind. Please take back your medicine. Why do you have a pharmacy in your bag?"
   You giggled slightly then stuff the things back into your bag and replied and passed it to Leon.
   "People in my family, including me, get sick easy so it's nice to be prepared all the time. Plus I've thought about becoming a nurse."
   Leon passed it back to you. "I am sorry you get sick a lot." There was a part scratched out heavily but you managed to read it. "Would you be my nurse?" You blushed slightly and wrote back to it.
   "It's not your fault; sit with me at lunch today?" Leon blushed more and saw a light scratched out area, making his heart pound. 'Could she somehow read what I scratched?' Then he read the scratched out part. "I only take cute patients, so yes."
   "Leon what are you doing?" The teacher, Mr. Kirkland shouted at him.
Leon's face was flushed but he pulled himself together and looked at Arthur. "Oh, I am just taking notes."
   "Really now, then you won't mind if I read them?" Arthur had known Leon for a while and figured he was lying.
   "Yeah sure, here." Leon offered the piece of paper out to Mr. Kirkland.
   "Never mind, I will talk to you after class."
   Leon smirked a bit at pissing off Arthur then looked at you. "Yeah I'd like to sit with you at lunch."
   Him speaking directly to you made you blush and nod then fold your arms and bury your head. Leon looked at you shocked for a moment then realized you were doing the same as he from earlier.
   'I have a feeling taking notes in biology will become a big part of my life.' Leon thought to himself and laid his head on his arms. This time he laid his head so he could stare at you. So when you peered out of your arms your beautiful (e/c) locked with his light brown ones. You both blushed but neither of you looked away nor said anything. You both could tell that mornings at school might not be all that bad after all.
I am back to writing ^~^ no more writers block, no end of term, no major worries and a lot of free time.
This is the second out of five for the special I did for my watchers.
I did this for :iconanimechick7: I hope it is fluffy enough for her ^~^
The picture is not mine I got it from here: [link]
Any characters in this are not mine they belong to the owner of Hetalia
I also do not own you but I think :iconcutehongkongplz: does ;)
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