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Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

WARNING: This contains sexual acts(lemon) if you do not like please just exit now there will be a cleaner version of this later

Since it was close to Christmas, students had two weeks off. You had end up spending a entire week at Kid's and the Christmas party was happening tonight. You had hung out and gone shopping with Maka and Tsubaki earlier. They squealed and teased when you told them you were engaged to Kid during your girl talk. Of course no one told Soul fear he'd get mad at Kid and, you know, try and rip him open or something. Soul was getting nosy though so it was becoming a bit harder to hide it from him.
You were dressed up in cute stripe tights which were red and white with a short, short red and white dress. It was Tsubaki's and Maka's idea to have you show some leg. Your dress was barely two inches long enough to cover your butt and front area. You refused to buy it like that, Maka insisted so she offered tights so that you weren't as 'exposed' as you said. So their plan for you to show some leg didn't really work.
You were letting Liz do your make-up, she completely loved dressing you up like some big doll. Your make-up was red and white with a cat eye look which curled up. Your hair was curled tightly then topped with an elf hat. Her favorite part about dressing you up was always Kid's reactions to the things she dressed you in. This had happened a lot considering you were there the whole week. The worst was Liz dressed you in a baby-doll and had you walk around the house. Kid saw you, stumbled on his words nodded and ran away trying to not show his bloody nose. Liz was behind you having a giggles fit almost bad enough to put Patty's to shame.
Kid was somewhere in the house perfecting the party decorations. Although they had been up for about a week so Kid could make them symmetrical. The party was about to start so Liz ran off to tell Kid to get dressed.
~The Party~
The house was packed and loud with all of the people. You were standing with Liz and Crona until a slow song started. Liz was asked to dance and so was Crona, Kid was nowhere in sight so you sat down. About a minute into the song a guy walked up to you, he was in your class; you couldn't recall his name though.
"Care to dance?" He held out a hand, when you didn't answer, "Just as friends, you shouldn't have to sit out a dance because Kid is busy."
"Yeah, sure, I guess." You took his hand and he led you to the dance floor. This dance was awkward swaying with your hands on his shoulders and his hands on your upper back. This dance was nothing like the one with Kid which just made it awkward. The guy pulled you closer and quickly kissed you. You froze in utter shock then everything was a blur.
The guy was on the ground a good 10 feet from where he was a few seconds ago. You looked to your right to see what had happened. It was Kid, he looked very angry looking and scary. With a scowl and balled fist so tightly his knuckles were pasty white.
"What kind of guy kisses someone else's girl?!" Kid shouted at the guy.
"I didn't kiss her, she kissed me!" He quickly defended. Kid froze and looked at you, you were still in shock.
"Did you kiss him?" Kid had anger, sorrow and ice in his voice, it scared you.
"No." You spoke softly; Kid was staring at you then looked back and forth between you two.
"Yes she did! She's lying! She can't even look you in the eye and tell you the truth!" The kid shouted trying to save his butt.
"Look me in the eye, _____." Kid spoke with ice and venom laced into his tone.
You looked into his eyes, pure anger was churning over his ember eyes, those eyes bore into you making you shiver. The look he gave was burning into you, scaring you and making you drop you head back down.
"I said look me in the eye." He repeated but with more venom dripping into his words.
You were tearing up and did the only thing you could. You ran, as confusion and fear pulsed through you. The thing is you weren't scared of losing Kid but Kid himself. You ran through the crowd and straight to Kid's room where you quickly closed the door then curled up onto his bed. You started to cry, you couldn't let all those people see you cry. Then the door open and slammed shut, making you jump slightly and cover your face with your hands. You curled up tighter and fought against the person who was trying to get you to face them. Finally you were face to face with the angry reaper. He was pinning you to the bed, his anger burned into you deeper and you closed your eyes tightly. In hopes to stop the burning, yes the burning within your heart.
"Look at me already!" Kid demanded.
"I c-can't." You crocked
"Why not?" He growled.
"Because I-I'm scared" You whispered.
"Of what?!" Kid was losing his patience, you were still silent. He shook you a bit, "What are you scared of?!"
"You!" You quickly shrieked, the pressure on your wrist had lightened a bit. Then you felt a crushing force on your lips and a heavy weight on top of you. You pressed your lips back against Kid's as soon as you did his tongue dragged across your bottom lip. You wasted no time and opened your mouth and desired struck through you. Kid's tongue fought for dominance and quickly received it. Death the Kid slowly pulled away from your lips. Letting you breathe and himself take in some oxygen as well.
"I'm sorry. I got jealous and angry and thought nothing through." Kid rested his forehead on yours.
"I forgive you." You leaned up bit and kissed him with adrenaline and lust pounding inside of you. Kid groaned then quickly rolled off of you. You sat up and looked at Kid. "What's wrong?" You whispered.
"I promise it's not you. I-I." He broke off for a moment, "I don't know if I can control myself around you anymore."
You crawled over to his side on your hands and knees. "What do you mean?"
Kid guested to you with you on your knees next to him. "You. I don't know if I can control myself around you anymore. When you look like that or normally; you're so prefect to me I just don't know if I can do it anymore." He had rambled it all out. He leaned over putting his elbows on his knees and resting his heavy head in his hands.
You moved slightly closer to him and sat next to him. You were blushing madly but somehow still said it. "That's okay."
The young reaper looked at you through the slits in-between his fingers and mumbles into his hands a small, "Really?"
You smiled softly and took his hands in yours. "I'm sure. I love you." You were blushing at the thought of Kid always thinking you're beautiful.
Kid came closer to you his lips close to yours. Slightly brushing your callor bone with his thumb. "_____, I want you." He rests his forehead on yours and plays with your engagement ring on your finger. "I know I shouldn't being saying that. I know we should wait and all bu-"
You cut Kid off with a sharp and passionate kiss. You got up slowly not breaking the kiss and straddle Kid's lap. Kid's eyes widen but he closes them, kissing you back, and firmly places his hands on your waist. He picks you, breaking the kiss, and places you in the center of the bed. Kid carefully crawls over you., softly playing with a strand of your hair then kissing you again. As always his kisses were skilled and passionate but this one was different. It had a fire in it that made a fire grow within you. Kid left your lips and kissed your neck, his kiss leaving a burning sensation which crawled and spread across your skin. This made you more breathless and a deep heat in-between your legs making you squirm and push your knees together. Kid kisses down your collar bone to the line of your dress, Kid pulling you up slightly to undo the back of your dress. The dress now was loose and you quickly pushed it back against your chest. Kid looked at you as he rested on his hands and kissed you softly.
"We don't have to do this." He whispered breathlessly.
"I want to." You whispered in-between your softly pants.
"I need to see your beautiful body first." He smiled at you and you let go of you dress front making it fall around your waist. Kid biting his lip and pulling off his jacket and going directly going to the top of your breast. Gently sucks on the top of your chest, a moan escaping your lips, Kid smiling softly and reaching behind you to take off your bra. Kid seemed so skilled and fluent in this but his nerves were hitting him and his hands were fumbling. You smiled slightly, liking the idea of you not being the only one who is nervous. You pushed Kid up for a kiss, gaining your confidence back. Kissing him softly and undoing your own bra. Letting it loosely hang from your shoulders as you break the kiss to unbutton Kid's shirt. Your hands were shaking softly but you wanted to do something rather than just lying there. Kid was patient and let you undo his shirt and push it off of him. You unclothing him made the young reaper want you more and feel better about doing anything with you.
Kid pushed you back down, he couldn't wait anymore and threw your bra off somewhere into the room. Kid fondled one breast while sucking on the other making you gasp in shock. Moans poured out of your mouth as Kid switched back forth between your breasts. Then Kid did something you weren't expecting, he ran his hand over your clothed entrance. This made you gasp and Kid kissed you deeply. He fumbled with his belt and pants to get them undone then broke the kiss to awkwardly shuffle outta his pants which made you giggle. He smiled at you and gently took off your shoes and kissed your ankles. Then grabbed your tights by the space in-between your toes. Then violently shook and pulled them off of you in a very disorderly fashion. You were laughing so hard especially once you saw Kid's face. Finally with one last tug he got the tights off. He gently pulled off the dress and kissed you softly. He was smiling and chuckling with your giggles then there was a knock at the door. Kid growled and quickly ran to the door and opened it.
"What?" He asked a bit impatient.
"Are you guys coming back or should I just host for you?" Liz asked a bit annoyed.
"Could you host for me please?" He gave a pleading look. Liz stared him down then realized he was only in his boxers and elf hat.
"Be safe. I'll keep the music loud." With that she nodded and left and Kid closed the door. Then he ran to the bathroom and closed the door. You sat up confused and rubbed your knees together. The heat wasn't going away. Then you realized you were only in your underwear and pulled the blanket over yourself quickly. You rolled over onto your stomach and groaned, where did Kid go? Then the bathroom door opened and closed. You peered out of the blanket slightly but didn't see Kid. You sat up and looked around.
"Kid?" No reply, then you felt hot breath on your neck and you shivered.
"Yes?" He whispered softly as he dragged his lips down your neck softly.
"I was wondering where you went." You breathed. Kid softly dragged down your neck. Worry was eating away at him.
"Do you love me?" He asked softly
"Of course I do." You turned around a bit to be facing him.
"Are you sure you want to give me your virginity?" His eyes were glazed worry but were completely serious too. You leaned in and kissed him quickly then rested your forehead against his.
"No doubts whatsoever." You closed your eyes then felt the reapers warm soft lips on yours.
"Be mine forever?" You nodded and smiled then wrapped your arms around his neck. Kid's mouth went straight to your neck and pushed you back down onto the bed, softly nipping everywhere looking for your soft spot. You moaned and Kid smiled for he had found it. He abused the spot; biting it, sucking it and licking it. Moans pour out of your mouth once again. Kid grabbed onto your breast and massaged it then took your perky nipple and rolled it between his fingers. You moaned out and slightly twitched every time he rolled it a certain way. You hadn't felt Kid's hand travel down your stomach slowly; you were too distracted by his one hand and his mouth. Your total body twitched as Kid found and rolled your clitoris in-between his slim skilled fingers. Your breathing was turning into pants as he abused your neck, nipple and clitoris. Then he stopped everything and kissed you softly. He kissed down your stomach until he got to your underwear. He slowly pulled them off then kissed all the way up from your hip bone to your lips. Kid kissed you deeply then shoved a finger inside of you. This made you gasp out a moan. He pushed his tongue into your mouth and explored your mouth. As his finger explored your walls trying to get you to relax, Kid kissed your forehead as he pushed another finger in you. You gasped and gripped onto him.
"It's okay." He whispered to you as he started opening and closing his fingers inside you. The scissoring action was starting to turn your gasp of pain into sighs and mewls of pleasure. Kid was just watching your face as he moved to place another digit into you. Slight pain struck your soft beautiful facial features. Kid didn't like seeing that face so he would work faster to make you relax and stretch. He loved you so much, he was going to make sure he did everything right. Until your face was taken by pleasure Kid's thoughts had blocked out your many moans and pants. He smiled as he curled his fingers inside you, making you call out his name and grip onto him tighter. He slowly pulled out his fingers and heard a small gasp of disappointment. Absent-mindly, he licked his fingers then saw your face glow like wildfire. Quickly he reached over and grabbed the box of condoms. He grumbled as he fought to open the box. You giggled at him then looked down to see Kid naked and his member hard.
"K-Kid. When did you get naked?" You blushed.
"Oh when I ran to the bathroom to grab these. I've never used one before so I took off my boxers and that stupid elf hat beforehand. I don't really see how that makes sense now." He thought about it for a moment as he continued to fight with the box.
"Does that mean you've done this unprotected before?"
Kid's face lit brightly with blush. "I'm actually a virgin too."
"You are?"
"Then how do you seem so experienced?"
"Books." Then the box ripped open and Kid quickly open a condom and slid it on. He hovered over you slightly poking your entrance. He quickly leans up and kissed your neck and slowly shoved himself inside you. Your breath hitched your throat and you gripped on him tightly; digging your nails into his shoulder blades. Silent tears ran down your face, Kid kissed them all away. "I know it hurts. But please hold on for a bit. Today is the only time it'll hurt. I will never hurt you again for neither your body nor your heart. Just for today, be wounded by me."***
With that Kid gripped your hands tightly and slowly pulled out and pushed back into you. Your breath caught in your throat every time he did. Then one made you moan in pleasure, Kid smiled but kept going his same pace.
"F-fa-faster please." You begged as the slow pace burned and was no longer satisfying you. Kid pulled out and slammed into your tight walls. You arched your back slightly as you moaned his name. A groan came from Kid making you blush. Kid let go of your hands and supported himself on his forearms. His thrusts became quicker and sharper, your moans got louder with very thrust. The tension between your walls and Kid's erection disappeared and his next thrust made you scream. Little did you know Kid had just popped your cherry and you were extremely sensitive now. Kid noticed though and thrust into you quick and hard. A scream of pleasure ripped through your throat as you arched your back and threw back your head. Kid kissed you deeply and pressed his body onto yours, holding you down. His thrust got faster and faster until he found your sweet spot. Your head threw back again as a silent scream rippled throughout your body. Kid slowed his pace then pulled out slowly then rammed into that one spot. This time you screamed and dragged your fingernails down his back; a low growl poured out of his mouth. He repeat his action and you dragged your nails down his back, as you did he moaned your name.
He kissed you gently. "I love you, ____." Then he picked up his speed and strength, slamming into your sweet spot every time. His moans backgrounded to your loud moans and pants where the only breathing you could do. A thin layer of sweat had beaded up onto your skin as you were squirming & gripping onto Kid and the bed sheets with moans. Kid's breath seemed to be running out as well and his face was twisted a bit. He was trying to hold back his release before yours but it was getting harder. He bit your neck and reached in-between both of you to rub your clit very quickly. Your body was starting to get tried but pleasure riddled through you. A knot formed in your stomach, the tension hurt a bit. Kid's hand was quick, making your body jerk with the right touches and making you moan loudly. Everything was too much, the sucking, his fingers, his groans and moans and the thrust that made you moan so eagerly. Kid slowled his pace but still kept hitting your tender spot. He kissed your forehead then quickly bit down on your neck and penetrated you deeper than before. You screamed louder than ever as heat flushed over and out of you. Your stomach knot released and your walls clenched around Kid's erection. Kid moaned your name and climaxed very soon after you.
Kid pressed his lips to yours passionately as he slowed down his thrust. Your body was weak and limp but you still managed to bring your hands up to his face as you kissed him back. He finally pulled out with a soft grunt from both of you. He quickly discarded the used and filled condom and lay next to you. You both turned on your sides and looked at each other. You lean in and kissed the younger reaper and he brushed a thumb against your cheek.
"Are you okay?" He whispers to you.
"I feel amazing but I feel very weak right now."
"I didn't expect your cherry to break the first time." You looked at him confused. "The tension you felt that suddenly disappeared. That was me popping your cherry." You mouthed an 'oh.' He pulled you close then got up and ran to the bathroom.
"Why are you leaving?" You called, but were answered by the running of water. Kid came back out in a towel.
"We should wash off." He offered a hand out to you and dragged yourself out of bed. But you tried to stand up, you couldn't, so Kid caught you. "I didn't mean to make your legs go numb, I'm sorry." He picked you up bridal style and carried you into the bathroom. He slowly set you into the tub.
"You don't have anything to be sorry about. I loved it and I love you." You kissed him as he carefully climbed into the tub with you.
"I'll take care of you until you can walk again." He laughed.
"You better always take care of me." You giggled and he leaned in to kiss you and rested his forehead on yours.
"Forever and always."
~Lovely Skip~
You guys finally made it back downstairs to the party. Kid was so much more protective now; his arm never left your waist. Soul finally pulled you aside away from everyone even Kid, outside to the patio.
"Okay what is going on with you and Mr. O.C.D.?"
"Well I'm about to be Mrs. O.C.D." You blushed then covered Soul's mouth quickly. "I love him. I'm engaged to him. Please don't hurt him nii-san. I am sorry I didn't tell you, I was scared you'd hurt him." Soul pulled away.
"Of course I'm going to hurt him! He's taking you away from me!" He scowled, he had just gotten you as a sister and now you're about to leave him? "Next thing you know you're going to tell me he took your innocence!"
"He didn't take it, I gave it to him." You whispered.
"Then you just let him do it? Is that why he proposed? Because he had sex with you?"
"No! He proposed before and we just barely did it! It's not like it's any different with you and Maka."
"I've known her a lot longer than you've known Kid! I can't believe you were so stupid to fall for all of this! Everyone knows Kid could never love someone so asymmetrical!" Soul covered his mouth; he just told you the biggest and stupidest rumor he heard earlier. But it was too late; you already had tears streaming down your face. He reached out for you but you slapped it away and ran off the patio. "Wait! Come back!" Soul called after you but you were out of earshot by now. Soul left and stormed back into the party looking for Kid.
"Hey Soul, where's ___?"  Kid asked and the next thing he knew Soul was swinging a punch at him. Kid caught it of course. "What's your problem?"
"You!" Soul yelled. "How could you take her away from me, then her innocence?!" There was no question, it was all blame and he kept swinging at Kid. Finally Kid pinned him down to the ground.
"Okay. I admit, we should have told you about the engagement. But what happened today was hers and my choice. We lost our virginities to each other, that's not really anyone else business."
"Then you really do love her?" Soul asked deject as his face was squished into the ground.
"Of course I do."
"Then you might want to go and find her. She ran off after I yelled at her."
"And you called me horrible?" Kid spat disgustedly at Soul before he ran outside looking for you. It wasn't long until he sensed your soul nearby and ran even faster to you. "I found you." He panted and put his hands on his knees. You stood up quickly but lost your balance, your legs were still a bit numb from earlier. He caught you and hugged you close to his chest. "I've got you. I won't let go. Ever." He rested his cheek on your soft (h/c) hair.
"Soul is mad at me. He even called me stupid." You sniffled.
"He was angry. He didn't mean it, I think he was just hurt that we didn't tell him sooner." He picked you up bridal style and started walking back to his house. "I promised I'd take care of you. So please don't over work yourself. Your legs are just getting feeling back then you wear them out with running."
"Nii-san just said something that upset me and I ran."
"It's okay. What did he say?"
"That everyone knows that you could never love someone so asymmetrical."
"Then did you doubt my love for you?" Kid asked you seriously.
"I was actually hurt that Soul could believe something so stupid. I truly love you Kid. Love never knows doubt or jealously. Love should always be pure and that's what I have for you."
"I feel the same way my soon-to-be-wife." He rested his forehead on yours. "I will never hurt you after today. I will forever be here for you. I love you." He kissed you softly and carried you back home in his arms. For how could he ever let go of someone so precious.
I am now what you kids might call with the times/hip....? Anyhoo! I have figured out on DAfinally and I do have the link for it now as well. If you wish to read this, at your own risk, it's not meant for my cute little innocent souls, here is the link:

Edit: So I have been getting a lot of requests to do send this to poor younger souls by email. I have an issuelazyness with going through my comments. So if you would like it emailed to you a bit quicker please just note me. I look at notes faster than I do with comments so yeahs...

So this is a lemon(smut) I have never written anything like this before hence why I wanted to try.
There will two versions of this, the lemon then the cleaner version so that if you want to know any of the extra plot you don't have to read the smut :P I will put up clean version tomorrow sorry. Oh and I will not be taking down the mature block, it is there for a reason.
I do not own picture found it here
I do not own any characters they are from Soul Eater and belong to their rightful owner.
Also I the little *** I put in there randomly, I stole that line and I am crediting it back to the owner. I got it from one of mangas I've read, Love Strip and I got it from these two pages - (please if you would not read this smut don't click on the links) -… and…

First -…

Previous -
Clean version -…
This is the final, I am sure of this time :P

Thank you all for your support and love. I really hope you enjoy.

You clearly belong to :iconsexykidplz:
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